Found under the Home tab, the Unpaid Balances & Auto Checkout section is below your Fundraiser Checklist.

At the conclusion of your fundraiser or event, navigate to this screen to see a comprehensive list of all outstanding balances. You can check out guests individually or click the 'Checkout All' button to process all outstanding transactions at the same time. If you use 'Checkout All', your Stripe account will still show individually itemized transactions.

All transactions completed on this section default to the credit card on file. If a guest has agreed to cover credit card processing fees, and the appropriate box is checked on their Account page, this checkout feature will include those fees.

*Before you use the 'Checkout All' feature, make sure to reconcile all cash and checks received during the event by manually navigating to the Account pages and closing out their bills with the appropriate payment method.

If using the 'Checkout All' feature, and you find some remaining transactions are declined, even though the card-on-file is checked "Yes", then check your Stripe account for more information.

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