Under each Account page, there is a Role assigned to the account. This determines the permission level associated with an Account's phone number.

  1. Administrator - As an administrator, you can see and edit everything, you sit on the throne of your Fundraiser.
  2. Volunteer - This is your EVENT DAY volunteer. They can access the Check-In screen, edit individual Account pages, place/remove a bid on an auction item, and check out a guest. This user does not have access to Fundraiser Settings, the Events tab, or the ability to edit, add, or delete auction items.
  3. Guest - The lifeblood of non-profits, but probably not the best group to be editing fundraiser settings or second guessing a potentially very expensive bid on that awesome auction item. Guests are restricted to editing their own account, placing bids on visible items, purchasing visible purchase items, and submitting a donation.
  4. Auction Volunteer - These are your indispensable and hard-working auction helpers. They can see, edit, add, and delete auction items. This user type cannot access or edit individual Account pages other than their own and they do not have access to the Event tab or Fundraiser Settings.

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