Categories are a great way to organize your silent auction items with similar attributes. This also allows your guests to search for items of interest more easily. Examples include Travel, Dining, Jewelry, Sports, Art, Electronics, Experience, etc. 

Bid Rocket allows you to create up to 8 categories which are associated with a set of numbers for identifying your silent auction items. 

For example, Category #1 (Travel) will have assigned numbers between 1000-1999, Category #2 (Dining) will have assigned numbers between 2000-2999, Category #3 (Sports) will have assigned numbers between 3000-3999, and so on.

To create your Categories, go to the Dashboard Tab, click the Settings page, scroll down to the “Item Categories” function and click “Create Category”.  As you create your categories, they will populate within the “Item Categories” box for easy viewing. 

Dashboard > Settings > Item Categories > Create Category  

Please note that categories are optional.  If you don’t have many items, organizing them into categories may not make sense for your situation. You can manually assign item numbers, but we recommend starting with #1000. 

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