To create a new item, navigate to the Fundraising Tab > Silent Auction and click the 'New Silent Item' button in the top right corner, or follow the shortcut below.

  1. Item Picture - click on the photo icon to select a picture from your computer.
  2. Item Title
  3. Fair Market Value - this will show on the guest's receipt. The set pricing button next to FMV will automatically set the starting bid and increment amount with the percentages you set on your Fundraiser Settings page.
  4. Starting Bid
  5. Increment Amount
  6. Buy-it-Now - leave this blank if you do not want to have a buy-it-now option.
  7. Priceless - this checkbox covers up the fair market value of the item with a 'priceless' tag. The correct FMV will still be included on the receipt.
  8. Item Description
  9. Item Link - use this to link an outside website.
  10. Category - select from one of your auction categories created under your Fundraiser Settings.
  11. Item Number - when you select a category, the item number will automatically update with the next available number in that category. You can update the number to any number if needed. The silent auction is ordered numerically.
  12. Donor - search for an existing donor or create a new one.
  13. Donor Display - enter text here to override the donor name with this field. This can be used when the same person or company donates more than one item, but wants them to show different donor text.
  14. Restrictions - enter any item restrictions, i.e. blackout dates or expiration date.
  15. Notes 1-2 - these fields are to keep tabs on your items. You can export this data in the item list view. This information is for your internal use only and is not visible to guests.
  16. Gift Certificate - check this box to indicate on the checkout screen that this item is a gift certificate and not a physical auction item.
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