Thanks to technology and software, everyone has about 25+ usernames and passwords for email addresses, phone apps, banking, Netflix, a take- out account for the restaurant down the street, etc...

We had to make a decision. There are two pieces of information that are unique to the guest: an email address and their mobile phone number. Since we're primarily a mobile bidding software, we had to pick the mobile phone number to be your account number. 

The Account section is a comprehensive list of all Accounts in your Fundraiser. To appear on the Account list, you have to have a mobile phone number attached to your account. If you are trying to create an Account, but don't have a mobile phone number, we give you fake number generators to act as placeholders (you can grab the real number at event registration).

There may be Administrators, Auction Managers, Event Volunteers, and Guest Accounts in the list. These different fundraiser roles only dictate that phone number's permission level when logged in (See User Types Article for more information).

Just because a person appears on the Account list does not mean they have tickets. Creating a new Account will not make their name appear on the Check-In screen until that account is issued tickets or a sponsorship.

(See Manually Sell a Ticket or Sponsorship Article for more information)

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