Intercom is a direct link to our support team. This is a premium feature that costs $299 to unlock for your event.

Intercom gives you three main channels to quickly get answers to your questions. 

  1. Answer Bot - You can ask the bot questions and it will supply possible answers. If it does not have answers, it will offer articles that it thinks will cover the issue.
  2. Search for an Article - Looking for an answer we haven't covered? Hit the third option and tell us about it. Intercom allows you to navigate through articles while still on the Bid Rocket site. This helps you speed up the data entry process with tutorials at your fingertips.
  3. Chat directly with our team - During normal business hours, 8-4 central time M-F, we are on the spot and ready to help. Outside of business hours you'll probably still get a decently fast response, but just in case, a guarantee for the next business day. The great thing about Intercom is that your questions, answers and conversations are saved to be reviewed at any time. If you close the tab or logout, we still have your question and you'll have the answer the next time you login.

Oh, last thing! You can rate the articles to show which ones are helpful and which ones need some work. We'll grab the ones that aren't doing so well and make adjustments to better assist you.

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