Every event is different but from our experience, this is one of the most sensitive parts of an event. It takes planning, space, equipment, well-trained volunteers, and outstanding organizational skills!

First, know where your guests are coming from. The flow of traffic will be extremely important as people start to arrive is larger numbers. Guests Will form groups and chat both before and after they check-in, so make sure this space won't interfere with a registration line.

When guests arrive is also a very important factor. Valet lines, escalators, and elevators are often your best friends because they stagger guest arrival. If you have a pre-event such as a cocktail hour or a VIP meet-and-greet, check these guests in when they arrive. A worst-case scenario is moving a large groups of guests to the registration area all at the same time. We've seen this happen too many times and your registration area won't recover from the line.

Manage your guest list and plan your registration area accordingly. See our number suggestions below:

< 600 Guests, 1 Registration Station for every 70 Guests
> 600 Guests, 1 Registration Station for every 100 Guests 

Also see the article "Does every guest Need to Check-in?". See how you can provide all necessary information to guests before they arrive.

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