The Call-to-Donate, also know by many other names, is often the most important and top grossing part of your event.

Why Bid Numbers are important

As this portion of your event is very fast-paced, using bid numbers to identify your donors allows you to quickly record and keep track of donations. Printing the guest's bid number on a paddle and asking that guest to raise their paddle when they want to make a donation is the most proven method. The auctioneer on stage can simple shout "281, Thank You 281, 114, Thank You 114" and your team is able to very quickly keep track.

Using the Donation Tracker for your audience without Mobile Donations

If you are using the Bid Rocket donation graphic in front of your guests, bid numbers are not only important, but required. Without bid number, it is simply impossible for data entry to keep up with the lower levels that have the highest numbers of donations. 

Call-to-Donate Mobile Edition

This is one way that you can use the Bid Rocket donation graphic without assigning bid numbers to all of your guests. If you unlocked the Text Blast premium feature, you can send a direct link to all guest phones with a shortcut to your donation item. When you're ready for the Call-to-Donate, your auctioneer on stage can direct guests to that link. As donations come in, you will see the on-screen graphic update and scroll thank you messages with the guests' names.

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