So this part of the event has a lot of possible names.

We offer an on-screen thermometer and donation tracker during your event that you can put through your AV feed and present to guests. 

*Note - to use this screen, your guests need to be issued paddle numbers (the auctioneer will call these out loud), and you will need a volunteer manually entering the paddle numbers in Bid Rocket while the screen is live.

To find this screen, navigate to the Event Day Tools tab, then click 'Donation Tracker'. The left column is used to launch the donation tracker. Search for the donation item that you want to track the donations (the screen will only show the total for this one donation item, if you want a full event total, enter a donation by an administrator for the starting amount then remove that donation after this portion of the event). Next, enter a donation goal or toggle off the donation goal. Disabling the donation goal will remove the thermometer. Branding is your organization name across the top of the screen. Thank Donors will scroll a "Thank you ___ ___" across the screen after each donation is entered.

After you fill these boxes, in the top right corner of the donation tracker box is the Fullscreen button. Make sure to test this screen with your AV team before your event to hide the toolbar. You might want to also make sure popups and notifications are disables on the computer you use for display.

On a Second Computer, you can navigate to the same screen, but here you will use the second column to enter donations as they occur. First, make sure to select the same donation item as the screen. The donation amount box is the current Ask amount. In the Bid Number box, as donations occur, enter the bid number and hit Enter.

To give you the best possible chance of keeping up with the auctioneer, a confirmation window will NOT appear. After you hit enter, start typing the next bid number and hit Enter again. Repeat this process until this potion of your event is over.

We also suggest having a second volunteer or staff member sitting next to the entry computer keeping a written list. If the volunteer working the computer falls behind, they can rely on the written list. To verify accuracy, compare the written list to the list of donations under the donation item when you have time.

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