After navigating to Fundraising, each auction category has three buttons in the top right corner. 'New ___ Item', the photo icon, and a list icon. The list icon in each section takes your to a list view of all items in this section with settings options.

There are four main settings for your items, Hidden, Autobid, Bidding, and Status. 

  1. Hidden - This column shows Visible/Hidden to mark if a Guest account is able to view the item. Administrators will always see all items.
  2. Autobid - This is the same as Max Bidding and only applies when the item is open for bidding. A guest is able to enter the maximum amount they are willing to pay for the item and the system will bid for them up to that amount. This is on an item level, so you can enable auto-bidding for individual items or all items.
  3. Bidding - Shows if bidding is enabled. You can disable bidding if you want to open your auction at a later date.
  4. Status - Shows if an item is open or closed.

*Suggested Settings

  1. Silent Auction - Visible, Enabled, Enabled, Open
  2. Live Auction - Visible, Disabled, Disabled, Open (by disabling bidding, this acts as a catalogue mode where guests can see and read about the items
  3. Purchase Items that guests can buy on their phones - Visible, NA, Enabled, Ope
  4. Purchase items that are only sold at stations and not on guest phones - Hidden, NA, Enabled, Ope
  5. Donation Item - Visible, NA, Enabled, Open

Closing your Auction

For items from you Silent and Live sections to appear on guest bills, the items must be closed. 

  1. Click the list view in the section you want to close.
  2. Select all of the items that you want to close or click the checkbox in the top bar to select all.
  3. Click Close Items in the top right corner.
  4. This action (for the silent and live auction) moves the items to the highest bidder's bill for each item.
  5. **Reopening and Auction Item - If there is an issue with a bid or winner and you need to reopen the item to issue a new winner, select the item and click Open Item. (a) if the item has not been paid for, this action will remove the item from that guest's bill but (b) if the item has already been paid for, you will Not be able to reopen the item until the purchase record has been removed from that Account (see Editing a Payment or Removing a Purchase)

You can now go to your messaging section (if unlocked) and sent a text blast notifying winners that they won the item and where to pick them up.

*Note - The Purchases and Donation sections will automatically appear on guest bills. These categories do not need to be closed. Because edits are often required while auditing these sections, we recommend 'Hiding' the items when you want to remove them from guest phones instead of closing the items.

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