After creating your new fundraiser, one of the first checklist items is to create your event. Either follow the shortcut on the checklist, or go to the Events tab.

Click the 'Create Event' button. You only have the ability to include two qualifying events within one fundraiser, so don't spam the button or create demos within your main fundraiser.

Enter the Event title, address, date, time, and an event description, then click 'Save'. Now, move on to adding tickets and sponsorships.

Some organizations host multiple events in the same fundraising swing. For example, a golf tournament attached to a dinner, or a Luncheon prior to a Gala. In these cases, we give you the option to include two events within one fundraiser. The event dates must be within two months of each other.

Your fundraiser is equipped with a single registration page, so ticket/sponsorship sales for both events will be hosted through the same site.

Please contact us directly at if you have more than two events that need to be included in the same fundraiser.

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