Navigate to the Events tab in the left menu. After creating an event, click 'Edit Event'. On this screen you will see three new sections, tickets, ticket bundles, and sponsorships.

First, create your ticket levels. You might have individual ticket sales, such as General Admission Tickets or VIP Tickets, but we also suggest making ticket types for each of your sponsorships. For example, making Gold Tickets to include in your Gold Sponsorship. This will help you quickly identify a sponsor level rather than having a different number of VIP tickets in each sponsorship.

  1. Create Ticket
  2. Enter ticket price, quantity available, price, and fair market value (see fair market value article for more FMV information)
  3. Click 'Add Ticket'
  4. The order # box allows you to rearrange the order tickets appear on your registration site
  5. Click the 'Settings' wheel next to the ticket
  6. Enter ticket description
  7. Change the ticket color (this feature only applies when using the table management system)
  8. Hide ticket - this option removes the ticket from your registration page. When using the above sponsor ticket suggestion, hide tickets that are only available through sponsorships
  1. Create Sponsorship
  2. Enter sponsorship name, quantity available, price, and fair market value
  3. Click 'Add Sponsorship'
  4. Oder sponsorship
  5. Click the 'Settings' wheel on the sponsorship line
  6. Enter description
  7. Choose if the sponsorship is available or hidden
  8. Add tickets to the sponsorship
  9. Add purchase items to the sponsorship (the item must first be created in your purchase section)

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