First, let's recap the benefits of a Bid Rocket registration site.

  1. Guests are creating their own accounts, providing a phone number, email address, and saving a credit card to their account (which saves a lot of time at registration).
  2. A purchase automatically generates two emails: (a) the Welcome email to Bid Rocket which you can fully customize, and (b) a tax receipt for their purchase. The first email gives guests direct access to update their own guests' names and contact information for you.
  3. Through a Bid Rocket registration site, you can ask guests to cover the Stripe processing fees, saving you money.

Onward to the Import!

While logged in to your fundraiser, navigate to the Settings tab in the left side bar. Under the Import Section, there is a template you can download. The first line of the template is an example of how the data needs to look.

The import is very picky, but we made it that way for a reason. It's important to eliminate any potential errors before bringing in huge amounts of data that could cause problems later.

Import in CSV format with the following columns (all columns are required in the CSV file, the ones with ** are required to have data, the rest can be blank):

  1. **Phone - This is the unique field or account number.
  2. **First Name
  3. **Last Name
  4. Email
  5. Street Address
  6. City
  7. ST
  8. Zip
  9. Account ID - if using Razer's Edge or another donor database, this can make exports/imports from each system easier.
  10. 2nd Phone - This is for a secondary bidder such as a husband or wife bidding on the same CC.
  11. 2nd First Name - If you enter a secondary first name and last name, the 2nd phone number field is now a required field.
  12. 2nd Last Name
  13. 2nd Account ID
  14. Ticket/Sponsorship 1 - Enter the name of the ticket type of sponsorship level exactly as it appears in the Events section of your fundraiser as the column header. If it does not match, it will return an error when you try to upload. If you have many ticket and sponsor levels, continue making columns each with the name of the ticket/sponsorship as the header. In the column on each guest line, simply enter the quantity of that ticket or sponsorship you need to apply to that account. If 0, leave that field blank.
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