While logged into your fundraiser, go to 'Registration Site' in the left menu, then click 'View Registration Site'. The link on the top of the screen, (launch.bidrocket.com/register/###) is your unique registration link. Distribute this by linking on your organization's website, sending via social media, or another communication channel your organization uses.

When a guest clicks on the link, a new tab will open with the registration page. On the first page, the guest selects tickets, sponsorships, purchase items, and/or a donation amount. 

If you are offering promotional codes or the option for guests to sign up for remote bidding, those option will appear between your banner and the ticket selection box.

At the bottom of the screen, the guest will enter their mobile phone number to look up an existing account or to create a new one. We text their phone a quick 6-digit code to ensure they entered the number correctly. Also, if this guest already made a purchase and is returning to the registration page, this action accesses their credit card information on file, so the text authentication is necessary. 

On the second page, the guest will enter their contact and billing information: first name, last name, phone, email, address, and secondary bidder. Secondary bidder is intended for spouse information, but is essentially just a second active bidder using the same credit card on the account. Both bidders will receive a link to the silent auction and outbid messages. Note - these bidders are one account and do not bid against each other.

The credit card entered in the next section is saved on file for use at your event. After entering payment information, the guest has the option to opt in or out of covering processing fees (if applicable). 

Upon completion of a purchase, the credit card is charged immediately and funds are moved into your Stripe account. 

The guest then receives two emails: (1) An itemized tax receipt of their purchase including all relevant organization information to qualify as a tax receipt and, (2) the Welcome email to the fundraiser. This email can be fully customized in your Event settings page under the Custom Invitations section and contains a direct link to the guest's account within your fundraiser. A guest can use this link to access their own tickets or to update guest names. A guest can also share this link with their own friends and guests for updating contact information at any time.

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