There are two parts to your registration site: branding and content. See "Create Tickets & Sponsorships" and "Create Purchase Items" for information about registration site content.

To edit branding on your registration site, go to Events and click 'Registration Site Branding'. This will open a new tab on your browser with a copy of your registration site and picture editing options. 

The first branding opportunity is the banner across the top of your registration site. Click on the banner to open a finder window. Select the image you wish to use from your computer. This will open the image in a photo editor that shows the active portion of the image. You can drag, resize, and turn the photo.

As this banner will go across the width of the screen, we suggest using high resolution images (720p or higher).

On the left side of the screen, below the event details box, there is another option that says "Add Image". This will allow you to add images or organization logos to the left side of the screen. After clicking the 'add image' button, you are given the option to choose the aspect ration of the image, (1:1, 3:4, or 1:2). 

The View Site button back at the top of the screen will take you to your registration site so you can view changes. 

**The html link when looking at your registration site is the link you can distribute to guests for online purchases. Make sure Stripe is connected before you distribute this link.

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