Once unlocked, navigate to the Table Management feature in the left column. Click 'List View'.

Here, you will see all tickets sorted among three columns, Unseated Reservations, Reservation Groups, and Event Tables.

When a ticket or sponsorship is either purchased through your Registration page or entered manually, those tickets will appear in the Unseated Reservations column group by purchaser and ticket type.

To start putting together seating groups, click the 'Create Group' button under the Reservation Groups column. Here you can name your group (i.e. The BidRocket Table). To add tickets to this group, either click on the group and search individually for ticket names or find the tickets in the left column and drag and drop into the group. 

Once you're ready to start moving groups to tables, we suggest creating your table layout in the table view. On the list view, you can only create on table at a time (See Table Management: Table View for more information on creating tables and your layout). 

After your tables are created, you can either use the list view or the table view to move Reservation Groups to their assigned tables. It's as simple as dragging and dropping the reservation group to the correct table. A popup window will prompt you to update the name of the table with the name or the reservation group.

When a guest is checking in to the event, the last page of check in pulls from this table management section to give them their table assignment. Many reports also use this information to breakdown data by table.

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