After unlocking table management, find the table view by navigating to the Events tab in the left column, clicking Manage Event in the appropriate event, then click Tables in the top right corner.

Events > Manage Event > Tables

In the Event Layout sub-tab, you have three options for creating your layout and event space:

1. Table - To create tables, click the Table button. To create multiple tables, skip the table name (moving a reservation group to a table will update the table name later), enter the first table number (if you already have 10 tables and you need to add 10 more, enter 11 here to create 11-20), choose the table shape, the number of seats at the table (if you're mostly 8-tops, select 8 here, you can always add extra seats to tables that need them), and lastly select the number of tables you want to create.

Once you've created your tables, you can click individual tables to edit or drag. To select multiple tables at one time to move around the screen, hold the Shift button and create a window around the tables you want to select with your cursor.

2. Text - To add text, enter the text, select size, color, and rotation, then click Save. Click to drag the text or edit size and color settings

3. Object - Select color and rotation angle and Save. After the object is created, hover your cursor over the sides, then click and drag to edit the size of the object. 

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