After you unlock the Table Management feature, click Events > Manage Event > Tables.

List view and table view are designed to work together. When you first start organizing your tickets, it can be productive to use the list view to create Reservation Groups (see Table Management - List View).

To use Table view to manage your tickets, click 'Reservations' sub-tab in the top right corner. 

The list that drops down includes all of your Reservation Groups and Unseated Reservations. To move a group or ticket to a table, simple click and hold over the group or ticket and drag to the open table. A message will prompt you to update the name of the table with the name of the reservation group.

Clicking on an individual table will open the table in the left side of the screen. To edit a ticket, you can click on the ticket to open an information box. Here you can also change the table assignment, or just drag the ticket from this list to the new table.

Use the search feature in the Reservations column to find an individual ticket in the Unseated Reservations table. The ticket type categories will filter down to show the ticket that matches your search. 

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