Find Fundraiser Settings in the left column.

  1. Fundraiser Photo
  2. Fundraiser Title
  3. Default starting bid and increment - while entering items, the button next to the FMV will use these percentages to automatically set the starting bid and increment. On average we see starting bids between 30-50% and an increment of 10-20%.
  4. Pass Fees - Turning this on will automatically check the "cover fees" box on your registration site though guests can still opt out.
  5. Enable Remote Bidding - This adds a button on the top of your registration site where guests can register for your auction without buying tickets, meant for guests who are unable to attend the event.
  6. Fully Ticketless Auction - This removes the ticket and sponsorship sections from your registration page.
  7. Bid Numbers - Automatically assign a bid number to every account in your fundraiser (there is no undo button).
  8. Bid Links - Send bid links to all guests with a bid number and credit card sends out direct links to the auction. This is the text that guests receive at the check-in tables, so only use this if you are not doing a conventional check-in area. "Send bid links to all guests who registered without purchasing tickets" is for Remote Bidders and should be sent out just before or after event check-in.
  9. Auction Banners - use this space to display sponsor or organization logos on guests' phones. There is no maximum. Logos will scroll above the silent auction section.
  10. Contact for Questions - When a guest completes your registration page, the contact info will be included for them to send questions related to the event... or not related, who really knows what's going to come through...
  11. Custom Emails - Create custom welcome emails that guests will receive when they complete the registration page or when an admin clicks the Email Invite button.
  12. Donation Links - IF you wants guests entering donations on their phones during the Big Ask, Call-to-Donate or Fund-A-Need portion of your event, use this to blast a direct link to the donation item. We suggest leaving a 10-15 minute buffer before the donation portion so texts can get around.
  13. Item Categories - Set silent auction categories (max of 8). Set your high value category as Category 1.
  14. Meal Options - Add meal options for guests to select. On the ticket list, you can export this list for a meal report.
  15. Registration Survey - Use this section to ask guests a question on the registration page. Answers must be pre-defined.
  16. Reports - These are pre-made reports, but many reports can be crafted from the tables throughout your fundraiser. Where you see a three line box in the top right corner or tables, that is an export function.
  17. General Use Mode - turn any device into a bidding kiosk with this button. Guests must have bid numbers to interact with general use mode. To exit, enter bid number 99999 and password 'silentoasis'.
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