Venue Requirements (Site Visit)

Online event management requires just that, always being Online! This means cellular reception and a reliable wifi network are two very important pieces. A loss of cellular reception is rare, but not impossible, so be sure to test cellular reception on the major networks at your venue. 

Having a strong wifi network is also very important. We suggest having a minimum of 2.5 Mbps down/1 Mbps up (per device). Sites such as can help you test the network. If a wifi network is not available, mobile hotspots are a well-tested alternative to operate registration computers and a few bidding stations.


Registration tables will need a reliable internet connection at all times. At most venues, a strong wifi network should be available to guests, though we suggest not advertising that a network is available (keep bandwidth available for critical event computers). It is important to test this connection and, when possible, have the venue create a separate password protected network for you to use during the event.

In the rare instance of a wifi network losing connection, most Android phones and iPhones can act as mobile ‘Hotspots’ and run 1-2 registration computers per phone. (This option has been tested by our teams and has proven to be a successful backup plan in the past)


Where ‘General Use’ iPads are used, guests will need a Bidder Number in order to identify themselves to the bidding station. 

If the client chooses to distribute iPads among tables, and Bidder Numbers to the guests, at their event, the iPads will need a reliable internet connection. This connection can be a wifi network provided by the venue or a ‘Hotspot’. 

In some instances, where large Wifi networks are available, allowing guests to access the wifi networks may increase bidding activity.

Wifi Network Name: __________________________________

Network Password: __________________________________

**Venue requirements may change depending on the types of equipment used and the areas where the equipment will need to be connected. We also suggest requesting that power be available for the Registration and Checkout areas, though many devices hold charge for 8+ hours.

Suggested Questions

  1. Is there a wifi network available throughout my event space?
  2. Is the network open to the public or password protected?
  3. How many devices are allowed to connect to the network?
  4. How fast is the network and is there a limit set on bandwidth per device?

Optimally, you will have a password protected network that allow plenty of devices and has a per device bandwidth limit up to 10Mbps download and 3Mbps upload. We have a large number of events with 3Mbps down/1Mbps up with no problems, but the more that is available, the less chance of a connection issue.

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