First, navigate to the check-in screen found under the Event Day Tools. Here is a list of all of the tickets attending the event. When a guest arrives, the first thing you will do is ask for a first or last name and start typing in the search bar.

Notice that some of the tickets might say (Guest of) next to them. These are tickets that have not received name changes. If you cannot find a person in the system, ask if they are a guest of someone to find the appropriate ticket.

When you find the correct ticket, click "Check In".

1. Are you bidding?
No. This allows you to edit the name of the ticket and find their table assignment, but not bid.
Yes. This takes you through the process of creating/editing an account and adding a credit card.
*Note: in most cases, we do not actually ask this question, but automatically click Yes.

2. Who is checking in?

This should be self explanatory, but unfortunately we have experienced volunteers clicking the bottom name when it should be a Guest and overwriting information. Clicking guest will redirect to a phone number screen to Create an account. If checking in a Guest ticket, this screen will not appear and you will be taken directly to a phone number screen.

3. Details

Here you are either entering or confirming first name, last name, cell phone number, and email address. This system does email receipts so an accurate email address is important.
*Note: we do not suggest collecting physical address information at the registration tables as it is very time consuming.

4. Credit Card

Enter card number, two digit month, two digit year, and the security code. Use the tab key to help with quick entry. Next, you have the option to ask the guest is they are willing to "Make an additional donation to help cover credit card processing fees". This is ~3-6% depending on your processing settings on the settings page.
If a guest pre-registered their card information or bought tickets on a registration page, you will see their card info already on file.
*Debunking the myth: credit card swipers are not faster than manually typing this information. We've put this to the test and found that swiping has a higher user error rate that leads to longer delays. 

5. Table and Bidding Information

If you are taking advantage of our table management feature, the top line will display the ticket's table assignment.
Next, if using bid paddles, grab the next paddle of the stack, enter the bid number in the New Bid Number box, and click "Save Bid Number". This is incredibly important because if a guest raises their paddle to make a donation, this is your only connection to who owns that number!
Double check the phone number is accurate, if you didn't already on the details page, and click "Send Bid Link". This will send a text message to the guest's phone that includes a direct link to the silent auction. They are able to forward that link to anyone they want to bid On Their Account.
If you do not have a mobile portion of your event, skip the Send Bid Link button.

"Check In" and you're ready for the next guest!

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